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Found my passion for fitness back in to 2014 when I found myself sitting and getting depressed and gaining weight after having my second child. Well, if I am real, my husband noticed. With his support, help and lots of therapy + medication I was able to get back up and make a change for myself and for my family. So... I started running! I also started working out and lost the weight. I was weighing at 120 pounds.

BUT, as soon as I got off the medication, I gained it right back. I was running every day, working out and just I could not lose the weight. I was at 165 pounds. I noticed I ate when I was happy and I ate when I was stressed. I did not have an appropriate relationship with food. Food was my comfort.

So, in 2017 I continued to run, exercise at home and changed my eating habits. I was working a part time job and raising my girls with all their activities, so it was impossible to do it alone. I have a amazing support system. I also started working on self-development. Reading, listening to podcasts, walking up early and getting a good night sleep. Within 5 months I lost 30 pounds. Not only did I lose the weight, but I felt good physical and mentally.

Today I weigh 134 pounds. I know that because I weighed my self yesterday(12/20/2020). I feel strong and lean and gaining muscle in places I did not think possible. I ran My first LA Marathon in great time considering it was my first, in March 2020. All of this as a result of home workouts, outdoor running and most important: A portion controlled meal plan.

I am a not an expert, but I am here to help other women get in to the best shape of their life and maintain it. Make it a life style. Getting fit has changed my life and opened so many other doors. So, I have made it my passion and goal to help others do the same. With whatever crazy/hectic life you have going on, it is still possible. There is nothing special about me. I want to help you get in the best shape of your life physically and mentally . To live to your life to the fullest and give you future self a gift.

Well yes, I know the date seems a bit off. . I have hesitated to put this up, but it’s time to do what I say. "Come out of the cocoon that holds you and fly". What a better day than today: International Women's day (March 8), and my one-year anniversary of my first ever marathon (I thought it was impossible to run it).. To all you lovely ladies, I truly hope this will help you come out of your shell.

I will be honest and JUST MYSELF here.

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