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Planning your moring!

I get so many questions about how I get up early and get my workouts in! For all of you busy, working moms AND stay at home moms (hey, being a stay home mom is a full time job), I know it is tough when you don’t get enough sleep and can’t imagine working out in the morning. I know how hard it is to make time for you while you are taking care of your household and running out the door to work. That is why I wanted to share some of my tips to help inspire you to MAKE time to take care of yourself, before you have to run out and be a mom, wife and professional.

Here is my not so secret...

1. Tell yourself: you can do it!! Get up and get your workout done. You will feel 100% better once you’re done.

Have a positive attitude before going to bed. Don’t see it as you’re going to lose sleep. See it's as your day is going to feel better from the beginning. Think about your goals and what you will accomplish.

2. Set up all your things the night before.

Set a date with yourself every morning. You won’t show up late or not show up for someone else. So, do the same for yourself. Commit to show up. Once you start to show up and see results, you will not hesitate. So, set up your Alarm, clothes and energy drink, water (I like to start my morning with warm water and lime). Just by doing that you have already committed to show up.

Just be ready!

3. Set up your alarm. Somewhere that you have to get up. Go Wash your face and teeth and change into your workout clothes. Tell yourself positive affirmations.

4. Have the mindset that you can do it and you will feel amazing. Seeing that you have your shit together. You are going to do it because it’s for you!!

Easier said than done, but it can be done. Anyone else have anxiety throughout the day? Whether that be regular anxiety, or COVID-induced anxiety, everyone to some degree experiences anxiety. And it’s okay, you are not alone. Working out has helped me. Doctors/therapists say having an active lifestyle can help improve mental health and aid in a better quality of life. That includes home workouts, counseling, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication.

After getting your home workout in, you will feel less anxious and you will feel great throughout the rest of your day! I know I do.

5. Enjoy your workout! Remember your goal and how far you have come. Treat yourself and do what your future self would do, to get where she is. Whether it is health related, fitness. able to manage anxiety, workplace, or her home. You will see that you will get there.

*Bonus. If you have not yet read The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod I recommend it, I love it. It will give you strategies you can use in your life so you can take control of your life.

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