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Why i do self care.

My reasons for self-care and working out seem simple but are the deepest. I can show up for myself and for my loved ones. It’s what keeps me going and were I get that extra dopamine I need, to keep pushing. This year has been a roller coaster for me. Working on myself and trying to slow down has been a challenge, but if you know me, I am always up for a challenge and I am not the one to back down.

Another bag of goodies(challenges) has been learning how to manage my ADHD, keep growing in my career while also managing my CAPD. For the first time in my life, I am not ashamed of my diagnoses. I have worked hard all my life to be better and to understand why even though I gave it my all, I could not retain information. My Brain would not respond as I wanted it to. I just thought I was not smart enough to be in the “normal” classes, but I was too bored in the “special” classes. Looking back, I see that I would overwhelm myself to the point where I was suffering from severe anxiety.

How do I manage all this while still showing up to work, showing up for my family, working out 2-3 times a day? I am learning how to slow…it...down. I found reading, yoga, meditation, teas, walks, just overall quiet time and even just taking about my feeling and emotions helps immensely. Yes, I am on medication and WOW, it’s a new world! However, I do see psychiatrist, Physician, therapist, life coach. I am doing it all! All to become a better person for myself and for my family and to be able to get where I know I should be.

Yes, all this is not the “normal” approach within my culture, and it has been a culture shock overall. I am okay with it. I want to change that for our next generations to come. Getting help should not be shameful. We should empower others to get the help they need and support them in this journey of life. I have made this my goal: show up, be open, motivate and show up for those who need someone to relate. I have made it far with all the odds against me. I am a mom, wife, Medical Assistant, life health coach, Marathon runner, I am an immigrant. A proud Mexican Latina. Living my version on the American Dream and I am here for it all. What I thought were my weaknesses are actually my strengths.

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